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Thank you for all that you are doing for Tara. I can tell she really is getting stronger because of her visits to you. As you know she underwent extensive surgery to both her hind legs. Her vet and I thought it was important to get her exercise. She recommended hydrotherapy. I was worried because "Beagles" hate water. It has gone much better the I hoped for. I think that is mainly because of you. You took it slow and earned her trust. For that I am truly grateful. I was also impressed that you had enough insight to realize she was cheating in her little life vest so she did not have to kick her weaker leg. I look forward to seeing how she does with you and just the harness. I know she will be fine because she is in your hands.

Sue Robinson and Tara


Thank you so much for helping Tiz. We are already seeing the benefits of the massage and swimming.

On the way home he slept like a baby. I was watching him while he slept and his breathing was finally normal and relaxed. It has not been that way for 2 weeks.

When we got home, he was a little wobbly when he got out of the car, but walked much better. He had a late lunch, pills and water and then we walked down the road to my neighbors. He has not walked to my neighbors since last week. My 71 year old neighbor (Sam is his name) loves our dog and Tiz is his daytime companion. Sam called me at work after I left to tell me Tiz even jumped up on the couch and was napping next to the fire.

We can't wait to come back on Wednesday.

You are are amazing!!!

Stacie Barnum
I took my 9 ˝ year old Dalmatian to Aquadog Spa after he tore his ACL and had surgery. The vet recommended hydrotherapy, but I wasn’t convinced it would make a difference so I just gave him time to heal on his own first. He was not using his leg though, and before I knew it, the muscles had atrophied. We called Aquadog Spa, and got in quickly. After the very first session, he walked out of the building on all 4 legs for the first time in over two months! I saw immediate results, which only improved every time we went. It was so much fun to watch my dog swim in the water too!! Aquadog is a great facility, and made a huge difference in the life of my dog.

Hollie & Riley
Pearl was arthritic and had finally ceased wanting to take walks. At 12.5 years, she had never swam. Yet, as Cindy lowered her towards the warm water, Pearl's little legs began gently paddling before they ever touched the water. I looked into her eyes and I could see she was not scared nor frightened.
Warm water massage and swimming with Cindy has made a tremendous difference in Pearl's energy level. She is SO frisky and feels SO good after her sessions. Her steps are springy again, and the 'bounciness' she once had, has returned. Pearl now can even 'rear up' and 'catch air' as she hops on her hind legs when excited. These are things I never thought I would see in Pearl again prior to taking her to Aquadog Spa. Her muscle tone is no longer waning. Thank you Cindy for giving Pearl her spring back. And Pearl's sessions RELAX ME. What a gift Cindy and Aquadog Spa are for both Pearl and myself.

Andrea Price
My 10 year old dog, Sneakers, hurt his back and had pinched nerves in his neck. After two months of visits to the vet and several prescriptions later, my poor doggy was still in extreme pain. It broke my heart to see him in that state. Conventional methods weren't helping so I sought the help of Cindy for hydrotherapy and massage. Within a week, Sneakers was improving. He loved the treatments and Cindy! We continued weekly sessions and a month later Sneakers was back to his old self. We are both so grateful to Cindy - she is a true gem and a great healer!!

Elizabeth and Sneakers

When your beloved pet hurts themselves, you do what you can to find a way to help them. Aqua Dog and Cindy came into our lives at a time when seeing Hannah walk again was only a distant dream. She was 5 years old, had a ruptured disk in her back and was unable to use her back legs after surgery. We knew her recovery would be a long slow process and couldn’t imagine anything that might help her recover any faster. Hannah’s Dr. suggested we try swimming for her therapy, and now 10 months later we continue to swim. Her recovery has been amazing and the strength she has gained back in her legs is incredible. As we near the one year anniversary of her injury, we know that without Cindy’s help and the Warm Water Therapy that Hannah received, that Hannah’s life would be much different. She now runs, walks, plays and chases the squirrels with the help of her new stronger back and legs. Cindy’s dedication to her animals is amazing and we are very lucky to have found her and Aqua Dog Spa.

Cindy Cannon and Hannah

From an email after Kafka's first session:

Kafka did SO well post-swimming. He, of course, passed out in the car before we reached the end of your street. But, once we got home, I was absolutely shocked to watch him bound, and I mean BOUND, up the stairs! Usually, I'm behind him with a hand near his butt just in case he misses a step, but he didn't need me at all!
We're now back to being a little pokey, but I'm hoping that if we keep up the swimming and massage, we'll keep him running a little smoother!
I'll be checking my schedule to set his next appointment soon.
Thank you so much for your compassion and skill. It was wonderful to meet you as well, and we look forward to a long relationship!

Nicole and Kafka

Dear Cindy,
I can not tell you what a difference hydrotherapy has made for my dog, Grace.  Her aching back was noticably improved after our sessions with you.  I have several dogs and Grace tends to be more reserved and less demanding of my attention.  I look forward to the swimming sessions as a special bonding time with my Grace and I can tell she feels the same way.  Grace is not a swimmer by nature but your compassion and gentle touch make hydrotherapy a wonderful healing experience for both of us and I notice her confidence has increased since swimming with you.

Thank you, Cindy, for this wonderful service.

Maryellen and Grace
Creekside Critter Care
I am 100 lbs., all dog ... . and I am 12 years old, so slowing down ... Well, Mom put me in the truck and kept saying lets go swimming ... well she drove and drove and ended up at this cool place .. at first I didn't think it was so cool, when I realized that I had to get into this ... POOL YIKES ... this is someone who did a belly flop off a pier into Green Lake. Now I thought Mom lost her marbles .. what person would make a Husky swim? Isn't that against the Geneva Convention?

After a couple sessions I feel SOOO much better ... and look forward to going swimming. Now I get into the pool with very little help and can swim laps .. but I WILL not wear a spandex swimming suit ...


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Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. Please consult with your veterinarian before beginning massage therapy for your pet. We are happy to work with your veterinarian on a treatment plan.

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